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As Fresh as the Day it was Frozen

Founder Erica Davis began baking batches of chocolate chip cookies in her kitchen in college. Each time she baked she would freeze the excess dough, saving valuable prep time later. She started to look for a prepared cookie dough but found nothing on the market that compared to what she was freezing at home.

Made with premium quality ingredients, Ree Ree Dee’s Frozen Cookie Dough takes the time and effort out of homemade, preserving the taste and integrity of each cookie.


Premium Ingredients Baked into Every Batch

Ree Ree Dee’s Frozen Cookie Dough sources only the best, whole ingredients available. There’s no angle. We know that using better ingredients just tastes better—it’s that simple!
  • Unbleached Non-GMO Organic Lily White Flour
  • Non-GMO Cane Sugar
  • Sustainably Sourced Non-GMO Chocolate Chips
  • Local Grass-Fed High butterfat Slow Cultured Small Batch butter
  • local eggs
  • Non-GMO molasses
  • Unprocessed additive-free unrefined Ancient Sea Salt
  • Small Batch Sustainably and Ethically Sourced pure vanilla paste
  • Aluminum Free Organic Unbleached baking soda


Manufactured By Ree Ree Dee's Dough

660 Irwin Street in Atlanta, Georgia 30312